Maine to Charleston, SC and Maine to Ft Myers, FL Hinckley40 and Nauticat 38


During the Fall I typically deliver many yachts from the northern US to the southern US, Caribbean and other warm water areas. This Fall I was fortunate to take a Hinckley 40 from Southwest Harbor, Maine to Charleston, SC and a Nauticat 38 from Maine to Ft Myers, FL. Both of these trips combined a use of coastal, Long Island Sound, and Intracoastal Sailing. The weather is the largest determining factor in choosing the route.

This trip gives you many opportunities to choose to go offshore or stay inside in bad weather. We stopped in many interesting places including Newport, RI;Huntington, NY; Block Island; Cape Cod Canal; NYC; and many locations on the ICW. The weather in the NE was good some days and rough on others with typical winds out of the SW. The weather in the SE and especially Florida was great and we were able to stay offshore for the most part south of the NC state line. We also were offshore from NYC to Norfolk and south of Maine to Cape Cod.

The thousands of lobster pots in the NE do present an added challenge near Maine and Cape Cod. The scenery is incredible on this trip and we even saw some bald eagles. This trip is a great opportunity to train new boat owners or someone wanting to learn more about navigation and boat handling.