Transatlantic New York, Halifax, Nova Scotia,LaRochelle France


During July 2008 I was asked to deliver a 44′ Catamaran from Catskill, NY to LaRochelle, France. My crew consists of the two owners Arnie and Sally and my first mate Yaara. I was very excited about this opportunity and happily accepted the challenge. We were a little late in the season and had to go north to find the best wind.

We began the trip on the Hudson River, went through New York and then to Halifax. We spent a couple days in Halifax and then set out to go near Newfoundland and northeast around 45-47N latitude. We encountered a lot of fog for about 7 days and nights out of Nova Scotia & the evenings were chilly. I was glad we had an excellent radar system. We had good wind even during this thick fog with visibility of only a few hundred yards.

About a week out of Halifax we had a little rough weather for a day and then it settled back down to the normal 15-20 knots on a broad reach, perfect conditions for this cat. However, Mother Nature was not quite finished with us and we realized another storm was on it’s way. We decided to head more SE to avoid as much as possible of the storm. On day one as the storm was gathering power we had a major breakdown of the steering system.

This caused us to rig the emergency tiller and head 450 miles off course for the Azores. The storm continued a couple days but was not real bad, we made it and the boat and crew handled everything very well. We were able to make repairs in the Azores and then proceed to LaRochelle, France. The trip took about 4 weeks. The company helped us to fix the steering system and the problem has been resolved in all models. This boat was built in Canada by the previous company and not in South America by the current builder.

My crew quickly learned to handle this excellent catamaran and we really had a super trip. I look forward to doing many more trips on these catamarans. They move well in as little as 8 knots of wind & handle heavy seas extremely well.