Catamaran St Thomas – Bermuda – NY City


This was a great trip on this catamaran sailboat for a bunch of sailors. We had a variety of wind conditions from very light to the mid twenties. The seas were typically pretty calm in the 3′-8′ range. We started in St Thomas with a broad reach for several days until we found the doldrums and then near Bermuda they picked up again.

We stopped for fuel and water in Bermuda. Then we proceeded to NY City where we ran into heavy thick fog just as we entered the channel at day break. Luckily it broke as we got near the Verazanno Bridge. 

We had an incredibly good group of experienced sailors on this trip. Everyone got along very well and we kept the boat moving very well. We averaged 6-7 knots in wind as light as 10-12 knots. I was impressed with the stability, speed, thrill, fun, ventilation, headroom, accomodations and how easy it was to sail this catamaran. “I Gotta GET One of These!” We saw at least 50 pilot whales and two sperm whales and many birds and fish.